About Us

Ethem Atınç entered the sector in 1971. In 1985, he gathered his experience, principles and business discipline, which prioritizes customer satisfaction, under the name Emsel International Trade Co. Ltd. Emsel, one of Turkey's leading foreign trade companies, with the awareness of contributing to the country's economy, EMSEL operates in various sectors such as electronic materials and custom made electronic products in accordance with military standards.

As Emsel, we carry out solution partnerships with our customer groups in line with the representation agreements, made with the world's leading manufacturers, in the field of all kinds of electronic materials for the military and civil sectors, since 2009. In addition to the import and delivery of existing products, in line with demands and needs we undertake the tasks of projecting, producing, monitoring and importing parts that are not mass-produced in accordance within the military standards.

As the Emsel family, which has been working for more than half a century in order for our customers to reach their demands in the most feasible way, we continue to serve as the solution partner of companies by making a difference in the sector.

Sectors we work for;

We provide services in line with the demands and needs of the Defense Industry, Industrial Applications, Medical, Telecommunication, Green Energy, Automotive, Maritime and Aviation sectors.